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5 Things to Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery

April 7, 2022

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Dentist performing dental implant surgery

If you’re about to have dental implant surgery, you’re probably pretty eager to get your new replacement teeth. You may even have plans to ‘break them in’ following the process. After all, they’ll improve your smile’s looks and give you the confidence to live as you did before tooth loss.

Not so fast, though: assuming you want to keep your implants for the long haul, you’ll need to avoid certain things during your post-treatment recovery. Specifically, here are five things you shouldn’t do until your dentist gives the go-ahead.

Eat Hard or Hot Foods

Hard or hot foods can negatively affect your recovery. They might interfere with the bone growth necessary to hold your implant(s) or damage exposed gum tissue.

Instead, dentists recommend you follow a soft food diet for a few days. Mild, non-spicy food would also be an important addition to your meals.

While eating these soft foods, you should only chew on the side opposite your implant. Doing so allows a few extra days for your implant site to heal without interruption.

Drink with a Straw

When using a straw, the suction created in the mouth can potentially dislodge the blood clot forming over the implant site. This can lead to pain and create a condition known as dry socket.

That said, avoid straws with your drinks for a little while. Also, avoid drinking carbonated beverages, as these could irritate the gum tissue around the site.

Rinse Your Mouth Excessively

Excessive rinsing can disturb the implant site and cause bleeding.

Try to avoid rinsing vigorously for two days following your procedure. When cleaning your teeth, gently swish the mouthwash around your mouth and let it flow out over the sink.

Do Intense Exercise(s)

Intense physical activity can increase blood flow and lead to bleeding around the dental implant area. Therefore, avoid strenuous exercise for the next two days and rest until your dentist clears you.

Smoke Tobacco Products

Smoking or chewing tobacco can affect the mouth’s healing process. In particular, it keeps you from recovering by interfering with how the jawbone grows around the implants (an event known as osseointegration).

Among many other reasons, this is one factor in why you should quit smoking after you’ve completed this procedure.

As impatient as you may be to use your new implants, you’ll need to treat them well after placement if you want to experience their long-term benefits. So, steer clear of the above activities for a little while — your solid, shining smile will endure if you do!

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