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Should You Get Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Attleboro?

January 8, 2018

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man dental painYou probably know someone who has had their wisdom teeth extracted—or at least a friend of a friend that has had those back teeth pulled. It’s not an uncommon form of dentistry. In fact, many people benefit from having their wisdom teeth pulled. Learn all about wisdom tooth surgery in Attleboro, if you need it, and how you can benefit from it in this week’s blog post!


Dentist in Attleboro Has 3 Tips for Using Dental Insurance

November 9, 2017

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close-up of a beautiful smileInvesting in dental insurance is a wise move that can help you and your family enjoy clean, healthy, lasting smiles. The key to making the most out of your coverage is understanding just how your plan works. In 2018, don’t let your insurance benefits slip away because you’re not sure what you’re covered for! Your dentist in Attleboro has more information on how to make your investment work for you in the New Year. Keep reading to find out more — for the benefit of your wallet and your smile.


Why You Might Need a Tooth Extraction Before Braces

September 30, 2017

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before and after braces close-upGetting braces (or Invisalign) isn’t as easy as just putting them on the teeth as they are. Rather, you or your teen will first need a thorough tooth cleaning to make sure we are starting off with a clean, healthy surface. In some cases, more extensive prep work is necessary — like a tooth extraction, which makes room for the teeth to move around and line up properly. Not all patients will need to have teeth removed before they can get braces, but some will. It is more common in adults.


What are Dentures & Partials?

August 26, 2017

Smiling senior couple If you’ve ever taken a physics class, you’re likely familiar with the idea of displaced pressure. When weight is focused on a small area, it absorbs more pressure. When splayed across a larger area, the pressure is diminished. For instance, standing on a frozen pond increases the risk of breakage compared with laying down on the same pond. Consider the increasing amount of pressure your teeth absorb as you experience tooth loss. A single missing tooth displaces pressure onto surrounding teeth, which can lead to changes in the way the bite fits together, excess wear on remaining teeth, or further tooth loss. Patients with numerous missing teeth are at increasingly higher risks for damage as individual teeth have to absorb more and more pressure while chewing. That’s why replacing lost teeth is so important. Dentures and partials are two of the most popular restoration options for patients with advanced tooth loss.

Find Out How Your Attleboro Dentist Saves Teeth

July 21, 2017

young married couple with healthy smiles with help from Attleboro dentistsIn the Victorian era, dentures were a popular wedding gift. These poorly made and often ill-fitting replacement teeth were considered a necessity, as the majority of people lost all of their teeth. At Capron Park Dental, our skilled Attleboro dentist and team offer a variety of preventive and restorative dentistry solutions that allow us to partner with patients to avoid tooth loss. That means, you should ask for a gift receipt if you receive dentures as a wedding gift!

In-Office VS Take-Home Teeth Whitening

July 1, 2017

Laughing woman with brilliant smile thanks to teeth whitening When it comes to creating a flawless smile, easily the most popular cosmetic dentistry option is teeth whitening. At Capron Park Dental, we are happy to offer both in-office and take home teeth whitening solutions to help our patients get the brilliantly white, picture-perfect smiles of their dreams. The first step to a bright white smile is contacting our team to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation. During this treatment planning visit, we’ll examine your smile. Then, we’ll help you determine whether in-office or take-home teeth whitening is the best solution to deliver your desired results. Every patient and every treatment plan is different, but you can find out more about both of our teeth whitening options by reading this blog or scheduling an appointment with your Attleboro cosmetic dentist.

Braces & Your Kids – Facts From Your Children’s Dentist In Attleboro

June 28, 2017

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Learn how to tell if your child needs braces with this information from your children’s dentist in Attleboro, Capron Park Dental. Your children always make you smile – and when they grin back at you, you notice one of the traits you hoped you wouldn’t pass on to them: your crooked teeth. Although only some of their adult dentitions have come in, you wonder if they need braces. How can you tell? The team at Capron Park Dental is here to help. In this post, your children’s dentist in Attleboro gives you the information you need to know if it’s time to straighten their smile.


Meet Your Emergency Dentist In Attleboro Before Accidents Happen

June 15, 2017

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Since dental emergencies can be extremely stressful, you should get to know your dentist in Attleboro before a smile accident happens.It was a normal Tuesday morning and everything was going as expected – you and your husband were enjoying a cup of coffee while checking emails for work and the kids were horsing around while getting ready for school. Then suddenly – you hear a loud thud and shrill crying coming from the living room. During the horseplay, your son landed against the coffee table, smile first – knocking out one of his permanent teeth. Luckily for you, you see the team at Capron Park Dental who offer same-day appointments for urgent situations just like this. In this post, your dentist in Attleboro explains the importance of working with a dental provider who offers emergency services.


Get A Second Opinion With Premier Dentist In Attleboro

May 6, 2017

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Before you have that tooth pulled, get a second opinion from a new, trusted dentist in Attleboro. Your smile has always been your crowning glory – except for one problem tooth on the right side of your mouth. Although it’s not easily seen when you grin, the pain and sensitivity that comes and goes sporadically. When you go see your dentist in Attleboro, they tell you that you need to have the tooth removed and then replaced with a dental implant. But when you look in the mirror to take a look at your tooth yourself, it doesn’t look that bad on the surface. You don’t see any dark pits that would indicate a cavity, the tooth isn’t loose, and the discomfort you feel is only intermittent, not constant – you don’t think you should have that tooth pulled after all. That’s why you schedule an appointment for a second opinion with the team at Capron Park Dental, and they give you the insight you need to save your tooth.


Dental Sealants & Fluoride – Tips From Your Dentist In Attleboro

May 5, 2017

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Learn how our preventive care options like dental sealants and fluoride treatments can benefit your smile – your dentist in Attleboro explains it all here. Did you know that the majority of Americans think your smile is your most important physical feature? In fact, having a radiant grin can give you advantages at work, as we’ll as increased odds of success with finding Mr. or Ms. Right. But aside from brushing and flossing at home, what else can you do to keep your pearly whites gleaming? With dental sealants and fluoride treatments, you can maintain your excellent oral health. In this post, the team at Capron Park Dental, your premier dentist in Attleboro, explains who their preventive care options can benefit you.


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