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BlueCross BlueShiedl Dentist – Attleboro, MA

Learn How BlueCross BlueShield Dental Insurance Works

If you and your family are covered by a dental insurance plan, finding a dentist who is in-network with your provider is important. When you visit your Blue Cross dentist in Attleboro at Capron Park Dental, you will have an expert team on your side to make sure you are able to stretch your benefits to their full potential. We are happy to help our patients with dental insurance! Keep reading to learn more about how your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan works and how you can start making the most out of yours today.

How BlueCross BlueShield Dental Insurance Works

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is set on a fee-for-service basis. In exchange for a certain amount of money you pay monthly (the premium), you are entitled to discounts on the services you need to maintain a clean, happy, healthy smile. Preventive checkups and cleanings are fully covered (and we discuss that in more detail below), but you will need to pay a certain amount of money out of pocket before your dental insurance benefits will take effect. Once they do, you may be able to receive up to $1,500 worth of services until you reach your annual maximum. Most dental insurance plans are set on a calendar year -- and unused benefits will usually not roll over to the next. We can help you be strategic with your dental insurance.

What Is Covered Under Your Plan?

Dental insurance covers the treatments that help to prevent cavities and gum disease, like two checkups and cleanings per year -- and maybe more if you need them. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments may be covered for children as well. If you need restorative care along the way, you can expect for it to be covered from 50% to 80%, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Elective treatments like cosmetic dentistry are typically not included in dental insurance benefits. Orthodontics, including braces and Invisalign, may be included.

Making the Most Out of Your Benefits

As an in-network provider of Blue Cross Blue Shield, our team of experts can help you make the most out of your investment in dental insurance. We will begin with a verification of benefits, when we call Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine what you are eligible for. Start by scheduling and attending two checkups and cleanings per year. If you need to have restorative dentistry procedures, completing the treatment plan in the same year, before your plan renews on January 1, can help you save. We will discuss your plan with you in more detail.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are looking for a dentist who is in-network with your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, please do not wait to get in touch with Capron Park Dental! We can’t wait to help you make the most out of your investment. Contact us to discuss your plan in more detail today!